Who changes single phase to 3 phase? How does it work?

In order for your electricity service to be upgraded from a single phase electrical supply to 3 phase electrical supply a few things need to happen. Your electricity cable from the street to your premise will need to be upgraded from 1 active phase and neutral to 3 active phases and a neutral. I level 2 electrician will need to do this as they are licensed to work on the live electrical network.

The service cable is either aerial or underground depending on your location and type of infrastructure. In both cases a level 2 electrician will need to conduct the works as both underground and overhead electricity supplies require live works. After the new service cable has been installed, the meterboard saftey devices will need to be upgraded for the 2 new phases. If the mains power is disconnected, this part can be completed by a standard electrician otherwise a level 2 electrician will need to upgrade the meter-board.

Who can install my smart meter?

Once the service cable and meter-board is ready for the your upgrade, a new 3 phase meter is required to complete your upgrade for single phase to 3 phase electricity supply. Your electricity retailer will need to be notified of the upgrade and they will issue a work order for the electricity meter upgrade. They will send out there own technician or you can nominate a level 2 electrician to install the new 3 phase meter for you.

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