temporary site power installation Sydney

Temporary power for construction sites. What you need to know

When Constructing a site, power is required for tools, chargers and large equipment such as pumps, cranes and lifts. As side from construction equipment power is also required for staff rooms and amenities. Allowing staff to work safely and productively. Generally there are 2 options on site, using generators which require fuel to operate. Generators are noisy and costly to run and only allow limited power and generally localised to one part of the site.

A better option is to allow our level 2 electricians to apply for a temporary builders line and install a temporary meter box on your site. This Main Switchboard can then feed other temporary boards across the site allowing for safe and continuous power.

Will I have enough power?

A temporary builders line will have enough power for both small and large builds. A assessment is done how much power will be required for the site to operate safely and efficiently. That maximum demand is the applied to the application for the temporary builders line. We are here to make the process easy for you, give us a call on 1300 788 828 or email us on info@lv2.com.au.