Temporary Power Board Installation

Our dynamic and energetic Level 2 Electrical team always strives to get power to your site quickly and on budget. We can help the plan, organize, and execute large installations requiring multi poles and pillars and high ampage.

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Why Choose LV2 Temporary Power Services?





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Installation of Private Power Poles In All Types Of Spaces

We can help with private pole installations of all shapes, sizes and materials. from 100mm 100A private power poles to large 200mm commercial and timber poles for rural and large blocks. Give our Lv2.com.au team a call for a fast and affordable quote.

How We Install Your Private Power Pole

The location of the private power pole is important for many reasons. Most importantly It needs to pass all the legal regulation and standards. Once a location has been chosen with all clearances maintained you need to obtain dial before you dig plans. It's crucial to know where existing services are on your property to ensure you're not going to strike them. Then it's time to dig the hole to required depth, drop in your pole and fill with concrete ensuring it's nice and straight.

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Why choose lv2.com.au

Our friendly team will make the process of installing a private power pole nice and easy. We ensure all the hard work of planing is done by us. We stay in communication with our clients throughout the process. Our prices are very affordable and the make sure the installation is completed in a timely manner.

Private Pole Delivery and Installation

It's important to choose a nice straight Pole for your installation. Power poles are always manufactured straight so we hand pick our poles from reputable suppliers and have them delivered to our warehouse to ensure they passed our QC. Once the poles have been approved we then deliver them to site for our Lv2 team to install them with care and precision.

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Checkout The Success Stories To Get Inspired

We at LV2.COM.AU love what we do and work hard to ensure you're installation is a success story. We love to share that story with passion and confidence knowing it's built to last.

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